iHear you but I’m not convinced.

As a designer in this field, I make many observations while watching promotional videos.

I look at the content, the language being used to tell the story of the product, and the potential target market.

This particular video, I assume is aimed at the customer/ consumer. It is being used to promote and sell this new hearing aid device. There are many convincing qualities to this device; adjustable, waterproof, and the ability to link with a computer. However, how they have chosen to present this device, is at times unappealing to watch.

Unfortunately according to the world health organisation over 350 million people suffer from disabling hearing loss.”

Many deaf/ hard of hearing would not express their hearing loss as disabling, nor are they suffering. The language they have chosen to use is generally quite negative, patronising and potentially offensive.

The best way to promote a product is through positivity. What are the benefits of the product? How does it change a customer experience? What service is being offered and in what way?



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