After deafness is cured, what happens to the people who remain deaf?

What if the preservation of deaf culture ended? What would life be like for the last generation of people to grow up deaf?

This short film follows the lives of four deaf children, into an imagined future. Will they choose to undergo treatment or not. The film outlines a timeline looking into the future to around 2041. What happens if those who are deaf gradually find themselves without a culture, due to the changes in treatments offered?

Film directed by Ted Evans.

 It has to be understood that viewing this short film will provoke may different opinions and thoughts from a range of people. As I am a hearing viewer, watching this film may generate different opinions and thoughts within me, than it would to you.

I suggest you watch the video now if you haven’t already done so.

I am not saying there is a right and wrong way of thinking around this topic. I believe everyone has a right to believe for themselves. Because I am hearing, and have experienced sound and communication through speech, I can’t imagine enjoying life without it. I would be inclined to vote YES to treatment, as I do see it as something that could bring improvement. If I was born deaf my view may be very different as I would know no difference.

Ultimately ears are there to hear and eyes to see with. If your sight was deteriorating you would find a local eye clinic, a Specsavers, and get tested for a suitable pair of glasses. These glasses would assist in the job that your eyes aren’t doing naturally.

Upon observation, I wonder why some within the deaf community frown upon others within it whom wish to avail of medical and technological hearing developments. Using a different example, is someone who is partially sighted wrong in seeking medical and technological visual enhancements?

I am interested in learning your views. It is important I capture a range of peoples consideration and perspectives.

My personal goal, as a designer, is to help enhance quality of life. But firstly I need to understand.Your feedback is much appreciated.

For more information follow the link to:io9


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