Have you noticed?

Screenshot 2014-03-10 14.30.00Screenshot 2014-03-10 14.30.24Screenshot 2014-03-10 14.31.31

Screenshot 2014-03-10 14.42.12 Screenshot 2014-03-10 14.40.47 Screenshot 2014-03-10 14.39.43

Isn’t it odd how our culture has accepted earphones, to become increasingly bigger over the past few years, yet the hearing aid has become increasingly smaller.

It is an observation that leads to further thinking- why do people feel comfortable wearing larger noticeable, head turning equipment for music, YET society, designers and engineers in the field of the hearing devices are trying to disguise them. Making them invisible, “people will hardly know they are there” is often the advertisement along side them.

How could this be challenged?

Screenshot 2014-03-12 12.55.48



  1. I agree. I just bought new spectacles and chose frames by Versace – not cheap but I wear them all day everywhere and want them to look nice. Why not the same with Hearing Aids?

    Also if people can see aids, hopefully they will look at you and speak clearly … in a perfect world!

    1. Linda, Indeed, I often wonder is it better to have visible hearing aids so that people are aware that they may need to speak more clearly for lip reading. It can often go un-noticed that someone is deaf… I would be interested to know the majority feeling on this among deaf.

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