Month: February 2014

8 Tech devices for deaf

Below are 8 technologies designed for deaf and hard of hearing users.

Click on each image to enlarge for reading;

Once you have looked at all 8 of the options choose one which you would most likely buy and use. If you are brave enough comment as to why you chose it.

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Screenshot 2014-02-21 21.14.54

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Information taken from Weburbanist



The future of projection

The watch projection is something I wouldn’t mind wearing, it doesn’t appear ‘in your face’ and can be quickly looked at without having to bring anything out of your pocket- i.e smart phone. Imagine out for a run and needing directions- could this be the perfect idea for a map?


The wall projection would work well in many different surroundings such as school class rooms, work meetings, homes, and personal use.

predictables4 predictables3Projection at this scale and with this accessibility, at a personal level, opens up many opportunities that could be tailored for the deaf community. What would it be like to project a real- time signed interpretation on the wall or have Facetime and Skype calls projected in larger scale in front of you for a hands free option for sign language user?

Yet again, another example of exciting possibilities for the future of technology.