smartphone projects 42-inch images

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Imagine being able to give a presentation without a screen or projector. This smartphone has been designed to project 42-inch images, presentations and movies! Additional equipment and accessories are not needed.

This would work great for FaceTime, Skype and other video calls. A larger projection would enhance the atmosphere and dynamic of the video call. Any deaf/hard of hearing, using Sign language would be able to make a hands-free call, allowing for a comfortable and more accessible video call.

For more information visit: Ayane




Touchy- feely hearing aid

‘Close’ is an attempt to an alternative system, to provide speech input for deaf/ hard of hearing through tactile sensations.

Screenshot 2014-04-07 21.53.55

With similar characteristic as a smart watch, ‘Close’ sends electrode arrays to the wrist- giving a feeling of touch. The designers involved believe that the brain can then decipher these feelings into speech patterns.

Screenshot 2014-04-07 21.54.13 Screenshot 2014-04-07 21.54.22

I can’t imagine that the brian will learn to link these vibrations to speech. It would take a considerable amount of time for the wearer to train themselves to decipher from one vibration to another.

When at a music festival for example, you can feel the vibrations through your feet on the floor from the heavy sounds of the instruments and voice. How could speech be translated? Surely the vibrances will not be enough to understand the content.

Would be keen to try this design or speak with someone who has tried it.


Flux Innovation Lounge- engage

Screenshot 2014-04-07 21.37.49 Screenshot 2014-04-07 21.38.41

18-foot touch screens, holographic cabinets, 5 inch ultra-thin bezel displays, full HD screens, multi-touch fast response screens, interactive table-tops and super-sized displays= The Flux Innovation Lounge by Engage.

“Engage design and produce experiential technology concepts for its clients, with a view to driving brand engagement. It has worked with a multitude of high-profile organizations, such as Bloomberg, Sky, Ferrari, Nike and Visa to name but a handful.”

To find out more, or to arrange a visit go to; Engage Lounge



House of lords- Healthcare for deaf people

photo 1-14 photo 2-14


Watching BBC Parliament House of Lords – Healthcare for deaf people. Disappointing to see that there aren’t many in the room! Its just proves the lack of awareness. Also, BSL interpreter and Speech to Text services not provided for this discussion… again, disappointing.

Really appreciating Lord Addington speak. I will write up about the discussion at a later date, currently I am recording it on Tv and will be revising it over the next few days.


Get Smart


Screenshot 2014-04-07 21.13.36

The Samsung Smart Home app has been one of many devices which connects your home to the internet. Homes will become increasingly “smart” over the next few years with the introduction of appliances being connected to an app. Users will be able to control their TV, heating, lights and security from afar, even abroad on holiday.

To ensure security, the Samsung data transmitted by the app is encrypted, keeping it safe from hackers.

More and more technology is becoming part of our everyday lives. It can’t be avoided, developments continue to be revealed daily, we are being made to embrace it as a new way of life.

My conclusions are always the same. Technology of this kind allows for quicker, more accessible, easier understood ways of living. Technology is an additional assistance to bring ease to the user.




Apple revolutionised life for people deaf/ hard of hearing. When FaceTime on iPhones became available the company saw a sharp uptake in the use amongst deaf customers, who used the new function to make calls in sign language.

What product/ service will be next?


LG Smart Lightbulb

Screenshot 2014-03-27 20.51.02

A South Korean company has designed “Smart Bulb”, an LED bulb with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Long lasting, and energy saving are not the only qualities this bulb has. Smart Bulb can link with an Android or iOS device to remotely control brightness, or blinks when users receive a phone call.

Kevin Taylor, a product specialist for Action on Hearing Loss says this product will be especially beneficial for 1 in 6 of us who have some degree of hearing loss.

If this light bulb extended its features to responding to text messages or emails alerts, or even the doorbell it has potential to revolutionise the daily lives of people who are deaf/ hard of hearing.

The Smart Bulb will be released in Korea shortly for 35,000 won (£19) each. Affordably priced!


Medical Bracelets

Remember these?

nut allergy bracelet

Today we can see a change, a moving forward in all areas of design. Technology as it develops allows for better communication, better response and in this case better medical designs.

Screenshot 2014-03-26 14.43.03Screenshot 2014-03-26 14.43.14

This wearable band and patch has been designed for epileptic patients for everyday use. The mini sensors, in the form of a discreet patch is worn on the body or attached to the wristband. This patch wirelessly pairs with the user’s smartphone and notifies when medication should be taken. The sensors can even alert the onset of a seizure.

Screenshot 2014-03-27 19.11.13

This Epilepsy band clearly articulates how design has been improving over the past few years. Today, technology can be used to enhance a persons life, bringing comfort and ease.

As a designer, my own personal aim is to design to bring better quality of life to an individual.



iHear you but I’m not convinced.

As a designer in this field, I make many observations while watching promotional videos.

I look at the content, the language being used to tell the story of the product, and the potential target market.

This particular video, I assume is aimed at the customer/ consumer. It is being used to promote and sell this new hearing aid device. There are many convincing qualities to this device; adjustable, waterproof, and the ability to link with a computer. However, how they have chosen to present this device, is at times unappealing to watch.

Unfortunately according to the world health organisation over 350 million people suffer from disabling hearing loss.”

Many deaf/ hard of hearing would not express their hearing loss as disabling, nor are they suffering. The language they have chosen to use is generally quite negative, patronising and potentially offensive.

The best way to promote a product is through positivity. What are the benefits of the product? How does it change a customer experience? What service is being offered and in what way?